Documentation / Protocol, Instruction



Protocol is an ordered list of instructions describing all steps during a BetterDiff process.

A protocol for a BetterDiff process must:

  • Define what instruction set is used.
  • How to validate the protocol.
  • Allow an exact reproduction of the result from the collected Evidence.

The API defines core instruction set, but doesn't define any core protocol.

Partial Protocol


PartialProtocol is a Protocol that contains only instructions of a selected phase.

Partial protocol behaves in the same way as a regular Protocol, but may not be valid on its own.



Instruction is a step in a BetterDiff process describing a single change in the matrix, including the forming of the matrix itself.

A general BetterDiff process must always define its own instruction set. However, the API defines core instruction set for the Core BetterDiff process.

Core instruction set consists of following instructions: Chunk, Finish, Local, Match, Move, Mutation, Pick, Row and Text.